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Warlords of Draenor
We at Gravy Train are building a team for Mythic Raiding.
We'd like to maintain a strong gaming community of friends
that will have multi game options to strengthen our common interest, Gaming.
If your just a die hard gamer like the rest of us here, Multiplayer gaming being the goal.
Then it doesn't matter whether you're a raider, pvp player,
into pet battles, minecraft, or any multiplayer game.
 Raiding Times:
Tue, Thur, Sun
9:15 pm Invites til 12:30 am EST.
We encourage all our members to maintain their necessary needs out in the world
and to use our community for a method of entertainment, relaxation and friendships.
If anyone finds they are getting burned out from gaming,
then we ask you to bring it to a level where gaming is fun and relaxing.
Griefers and Trolls will be exiled.
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